Patient Power

Smartphones are just that – smart!  There are new apps being developed to help patient’s take control of their own health.  Apps typically are used to help patient’s track or monitor disease processes that are already in place (e.g. tracking blood pressure readings, glucose phone_b_health_check_2011readings for diabetics, etc.) – but there is a new app that can even diagnose a particular medical condition.  The smartphone is used along with a handheld wireless heart monitor.  The device tracks the heart for 30sec and sends the information to the smartphone app.  The device tracked cases of Atrial Fibrillation that had previously been undetected.  From this result, the doctor was able to follow-up and prescribe the appropriate treatment.  Amazing!

The Patient Power aspect draws into the fact that the general public has access to smartphones and these health-related apps.  Though there will be issues with people inaccurately self-diagnosing, this may be an effective way to help people be well informed and motivated to take charge of their health.

Check out the CBC article and RSS feed here


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