It’s appropriate to reflect on the topic of ‘Thankful’ on this Thanksgiving Day.  My Facebook feed was filled with friend’s posts of family, turkey dinners, and pumpkin patches.  There are so many things I am thankful for, it would be difficult to sum them up into a photo or status update (although pumpkin pie is pretty high up on the list).  Of course I’m thankful for family and friends.  But I’m also thankful for so many amazing opportunities in my career as a nurse, and now nursing instructor.  It’s a very rewarding career – one in which I feel like I often receive more than I give.  And I am seeing that teaching is very much the same.  It’s an honor to be helping students in their learning journey to become nurses.  It’s a privilege to be a small piece of their education and nursing influence.  So for each of my students, I am thankful.  I’m a mere ripple in their lake of learning, but for me, that is huge.

Here is a cute video from my favorite Kid President – his list of 25 reasons to be thankful (now if only he could become the next real president…):

Happy Thanksgiving!


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