Cool Tools

Until PIDP 3240 I had never heard of Web 2.0 tools.  But now, thanks to my colleagues, I am up-to-date with the lingo and have discovered a plethora of cool tools that can be used in the classroom, for teaching prep, for getting organized, for designing graphics, for blogging, and even for travelling!

I discovered Kahoot – a Web 2.0 tool that sounds super fun, and it’s FREE!  It allows users to design games that can be used in the classroom.  Basically it’s a new, modern interactive way to present multiple choice questions (videos and animations can also be added).  The students then respond to the questions on their personal devices, and all results are compiled on the classroom projector (so that all students look up).  The site boasts that it’s easy as 1-2-3, and it really does look that easy and the slogan is Learn Happy Learn Loud.  Sounds like it would make for a fun class!  My students are always requesting to play review games – I might have to try this one!  My only hesitation is that it requires students to use their personal devices and a) not every may be comfortable or willing to do this, and b) do I really want to encourage students to be using their devices during class?  Sure, the instruction would be to use just for Kahoot, but it may be harder for students to turn them off when the game is done.  Nothing is ever perfect….sigh.

Here’s a tutorial video:


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