I’m Back (again)!

It’s been 6 months, almost to the day, since my last post.  I have just started PIDP 3240 – Media Enhanced Learning and am going to blog my way through the course.  It’s my last PID course before the Capstone Project, so I’m pretty excited! 🙂

So far I’ve managed to keep up with the course, although I’m finding this one to be extra challenging as I have officially started teaching as well.  It’s been a struggle to balance my “teaching homework” with my PIDP work, but I am up to the challenge.  The course text, Teaching Naked by Bowen, so far hasn’t been as appealing as the title suggests (haha). The choice of the book is a bit confusing for me, as it’s about moving technology out of the classroom – and this course is about using media to enhance learning.  Maybe there’s a bit of dichotomy that I haven’t quite figured out yet.  But I’m hoping the lightbulb will go on soon!  Stay tuned…horrified-students

(Maybe these students are experiencing the “other” Teaching Naked technique….)


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