Career Plans

I wear two hats professionally: registered nurse and nursing instructor.  I currently work in both roles, and enjoy each of them (most of the time).  As a registered nurse, I’ve worked on the same unit since graduating, and have become fairly proficient and am confident to step into the charge nurse position when needed.  As an instructor, I still feel relatively new.  I have mostly had opportunities to teach in the clinical setting, and have filled-in for an instructor in the classroom setting on a few occasions.  In five years, I hope that my ward nursing/nursing instruction confidence and experience becomes a little more equal.  I like the balance of doing both, although the scheduling can be a bit complicated.  But I think that in order to be a good instructor, I need to stay involved and current with my nursing practice.

To get there…keep doing what I’m doing!  I need to continue working at the hospital, and attend in-services and educational workshops related to nursing.  I should also continue taking leadership opportunities, such as preceptoring new hires or new grads, and assuming charge nurse position when needed.  To bring my teaching profession up to par with nursing, I need to continue finding teaching opportunities in both classroom and clinical settings.  To advance my knowledge of teaching adult learners, I plan to finish PIDP, hopefully this September – only 3 more courses to go!  I also think I should become more visible in the departments that I am qualified to work in.  Becoming more involved by attending faculty meetings, workshops, teleconferences, etc. will all help me to become a better instructor and make me a more desirable instructor to hire.




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