The Results Are In!!

The results from my Teaching Perspective Inventory:

TPI Results - Chelsea

As I had predicted, apprenticeship was my dominant teaching perspective.  The “back-up” perspective was transmission, with development following close behind.  The nurturing perspective was the lowest “back-up”, and social reform is my recessive perspective.  None of these were a surprise to me, and I think that because I am teaching nursing in the clinical setting, they are appropriate perspectives for an instructor to hold.

Although I felt that completing this inventory only verified what I am already aware of, what I discovered was how well (or poorly) aligned my beliefs, intentions and actions are.  In a previous PIDP course, we spent a lot of  time discussing alignment in teaching (do the course outcomes, delivery of instruction, and evaluation align with each other) and this was a great tool to test my achievement of this instructional goal.  For the most part, my B’s, I’s and A’s were very close in score.  The one that has me puzzled is the low score in Intention for the Transmission perspective.  How can my intention be low, but my beliefs and actions high????  Why would I not try to accomplish what I believe and what my teaching shows? Perhaps this was just a blip in the survey.  (Or I have low expectations of the students?).  Not too sure how to explain this one…


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