Teaching Perspectives

I am planning to take the Teaching Perspective Inventory this week.  I love taking online quizzes, but I usually don’t take the results too seriously.  How can this inventory improve my ability to teach?  Can I predict what my results will be?  Here’s a quick rundown of what the TPI is/does:

The 5 Teaching Perspectives

  • Transmission – instructors are committed to/passionate about what they teach
  • Apprenticeship – instructors are experts at what they teach
  • Developmental – teaching is through the “learner’s point of view”
  • Nurturing – efforts to achieve come from the heart, not the head
  • Social Reform – seeks to change society

In taking the TPI, instructors will discover what their own views of each of the perspectives and how they are expressed through beliefs, intentions, and actions.
You can take the TPI on this website: http://www.teachingperspectives.com/tpi/

So….what do I predict my results to be?  Since I am primarily a clinical instructor, I think that Apprenticeship will be at the top of my list, and Social Reform will be at the bottom.  My teaching goals are to ensure that student’s learn specific tasks that they will be required to perform in the healthcare workplace.  We aren’t looking to change the world of healthcare, we just keep things running smoothly and safely.  I do feel passionate towards my profession (nursing), and I hope that Transmission will emerge as a dominant perspective in my inventory.  I suspect that the Nurturing perspective probably lands somewhere near the bottom, since learning concrete skills requires efforts almost exclusively from the head, not the heart.  Perhaps Developmental might appear in the middle of my perspective inventory.  It is my aim to build upon student’s more basic understanding and knowledge and develop this into the ability to pull together their learning in order to be able to problem-solve and critically think.

Let’s see how well I know my own teaching perspectives…




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