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I’ve been away from my blog for awhile, but back at it now with PIDP 3260 – Professional Practice.  I am a registered nurse and work on a general surgery unit.  I have also been teaching for VCC in the Practical Nursing and Continuing Care departments since 2013.  My teaching experience is primarily in the clinical environment, however my exposure to classroom instruction seems to be increasing.  The notion of professional practice is becoming more relevant as I gain more experience and am encountering greater numbers of students.  Learning more about professional practice will not only help me to deal with classroom or workplace ethical dilemmas , but it will also help me to develop as an instructor.

The concept of professional practice is not unfamiliar to me, as the nursing regulatory body (CRNBC) has a set of professional standards that we must adhere to.  But teaching is slightly different…  there is no direct monitoring of your actions, no one to tell you how to respond to challenging situations.  Certainly more experienced colleagues or department heads can provide valuable insights, but ultimately it is up to the individual instructor to be self-regulating and self-reflective.  In reading the course outline and objectives for 3260, I see many similarities in the professional standards for instructors and for nurses.  For example, CRNBC indicates that nurses must apply knowledge, skills and judgment in their practice; that practice must be in the best interest of clients; that nurses understand, uphold and promote ethical standards (  Likewise, instructors must teach using best practice techniques that will have the most positive impact on the students learning.  Instructors must also conduct oneself professionally, receive and respond to feedback, and resolve ethical dilemmas appropriately.  I am looking forward to delving more into these topics in 3260 and incorporating them in my own teaching experiences.


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