More Questions than Answers…

In a recent discussion forum for the PIDP 3250 course, colleagues posted about the ethics and issues regarding talking about their students. For the most part, the consensus was that instructors shouldn’t discuss their students with other instructors, lest we ‘taint’ their impression of the student. And initially, I agreed with this concept as well. But after reflecting on an experience I had in the clinical setting with a group of LPN students, I learned that perhaps sharing some information with the instructor taking the group after me would’ve actually benefitted the student.
The particular student was struggling in many areas, but did well enough to pass the field experience portion of the clinical rotation. The instructor who was taking the group for 4 solid weeks asked me about the students and how things went. Being new, and not all that confident in myself at judging students, and also not wanting to give her pre-conceived ideas about the students, I simply told her it was a good group. When I ran into her after she had completed the rotation with the students, she said “it was a disaster!”
I thought about it for a long time afterwards…what could I have done differently that might’ve made a difference for this student? I think that it may have been helpful for me to have at least let her know that one student was struggling. Doing so would’ve allowed her to focus in on them right away to try and put supports in place to help them be successful. Would this have changed the outcome? Maybe or maybe not. And then where does confidentiality fit in with all of this?? (Research for another day…)


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