Something’s Missing…

The idea of all this technology in the classroom is still daunting for me, though I realize that it has value and is also inevitable. If teachers want to keep up (and keep their jobs), it’s important that they start to embrace technology and use it to benefit their learners. I recall when I was in nursing school (2005-2008), and the college had purchased some very expensive, realistic simulation mannequins for use to use in the lab. These were serious mannequins…they could expel fluids from their orifices, they had a huge repertoire of breathing sounds, could switch from a regular pulse to irregular using a remote control. Apparently.

I say ‘apparently’ because we never got to use them. Why? Because no instructor was trained to use them. It was unbelievable to me that the school would invest so much money in equipment, and then have it sit unused. This was a lesson for me that teachers need to be prepared and willing to learn new skills in order to better teach their students. Not only that, instructors should take initiative to include new technology in their classroom! How come none of my nursing instructors stepped up to learn about the new mannequins so that we could use them? Instructors might feel that they have all the skills they need to teach a course effectively, but there is a good chance their teaching styles and activities may become outdated (or obsolete). if there is a new technology available, they should be willing to put in an effort to learn the technology and how it could best serve in the lesson.


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