Whew!  What an assignment…I hope you’ll take a few minutes to view my video on Send-A-Problem.  Please forgive the shaky filming towards the end – my hand was getting tired!

Not only did this assignment teach me a new instructional strategy (that I really like and hope to use in my classroom), but it also forced me to use technology that I have always avoided to create a video that I even had to upload to youtube.  What fun!  (And stress, and frustration, and headache!  haha).  I have never ever been so envious of those who have newer computers that are able to handle the great free video-making resources available on the internet.  My computer = old.  And therefore not able to support video-making programs, any file with an ‘x’ in it, has great difficulty getting through a powerpoint slideshow without crashing, and takes about 45minutes to upload and save a 4min video.  I am proud that I was able to creatively find a way to present my instructional strategy, but I wish I could have done a more professional job.  This is definitely something I will have to keep in mind as I continue my PIDP journey, as well as continue to have classroom teaching experiences.  Technology is not something that I will be able to avoid in my future teaching career…what I need to do is make a commitment to learn how I can use it to enhance my student’s learning experiences.  I read somewhere that “technology doesn’t teach.  Teachers do.”  But a good instructor, especially in the 21st century, needs to be able to incorporate technology into the classroom.  Perhaps I’ll take advantage of Boxing Day sales this year and head to Future Shop…

“To understand their world we must be willing to immerse ourselves in that world. We must embrace the new digital reality. If we can’t relate, if we don’t get it, we won’t be able to make schools relevant to the current and future needs of the digital generation.”                     – Ian Jukes


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