Discoveries into learning to teach

Welcome to my first foray into the blogging world! Here I will post learning, insights, and reflections on my journey into the teaching world.

I never once thought about “learning” to be a teacher. I assumed that since I knew my subject area (nursing), I could fairly easily pass on the knowledge to students. Wrong! I could tell on the very first day that although I knew the content, I had a lot to learn about delivering the content to the students in a way that was exciting, relevant, and meaningful. Yes, I could bore them with powerpoint presentations or outdated videos…but how could I make them active participants in their learning?

I’m still figuring this out! So although I am now a teacher, I am very much still a student. I have completed courses on the foundations of adult learning theory, and also curriculum development. I have currently undertaken an online course (another first for me!) in instructional strategies. I expect that this course will be very beneficial in providing practical tools and activities that I can use in my lesson plans to elevate the teaching/learning experience.


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